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Software Developer


  • Location Delft
  • Experience Java, C, C++, Python
  • Employment Permanent

This company is a young, ambitious organization specialized in security testing for leading international clients from the semiconductor, payment, set top box, mobile and smart metering industry. In addition, this company is the leading vendor of specialist security testing products. This company has 140+ employees with mixed technical and academic backgrounds working from offices in Delft (The Netherlands), San Francisco (USA) and Shanghai (China). The company is organized in two units: Knowledge & Services and Products.

The tools enable security experts and developers to find vulnerabilities in secured products by using a variety of hardware and software test techniques, combined with data analysis and visual representation of test results. For their software security testing products, they rely on efficient algorithms, advanced compiler technology and accurate electronic circuit simulation. Whereas for their hardware security testing tools, performance, complex analysis of large data sets, and reliable software-hardware interaction are key to the success of their tools.

As a Software Developer, you are part of a growing development team, with the objective to develop new products, as well as improve the existing ones, using the Lean development practice. The team collaborates with the analysts from their own Security Lab and external customers to learn which solutions are most valuable. The close collaboration with users results in products that fulfill a customer need and have short time-to-market.

The development team works using the agile methodology. With your experience of agile development, you know how to structure the work, collaborate with your colleagues and ask for help when needed. You have an open mind; can find creative solutions that will make tooling loved by the customers. You like technical challenges. You use your programming skills to build robust and easily extensible software that will give the customers an outstanding user experience.

Your job

  • You will work in short cycles on experiments, in which ideas are transformed into prototypes, according to Lean development principles. The team uses these experiments to check if the solution is beneficial for customers.
  • You work in a small team of developers, creating new solutions for customers, and supporting them with fixes for current releases.
  • You write code. Additionally, you perform supporting tasks, such as reviewing other team members’ code, writing documentation and testing.
  • The majority of the software is written in Java. The company is working with tools such as JIRA, Bamboo, Bitbucket, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Maven and Git to support their software development process. Your work includes configuration, maintenance, and improvement of these tools and processes. You may also need to develop or maintain parts of scripting-based tools written in e.g. Python or C.

Your qualifications

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree, preferably in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics or Mathematics.
  • You love advanced technology, and have a drive to understand and improve products. You enjoy writing clean code and you can fix issues efficiently. Customer satisfaction is a key motivator in your daily work.
  • Experience with Java is a big plus. Experience with C, C++ and Python is a plus.
  • You have experience or are interested in learning more about Lean development, agile software development practices, software development tools and unassisted software development and implementation.
  • You have affinity with the field of hardware and software security or are passionate about growing in these fields.


  • You collaborate with software developers, hardware developers, security analysts and end-users.
  • You receive directions from the product manager and product owner.

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